Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wax Dat Juicy Booty

After a mad bout of SARS, we thought his thingy would never dingy. But looks like our fave scenester, Tregay, has found a new boy-toy. Didn't take long. Hot off T-fag's stink hole, Tregay has found a new bun for his sausage. We think this relationship is really solid after hearing at a house party the following statement: "You're finer than a ten piece Church's meal."

The connection seemed to be lost after scene-stealer Lizbian tried to infiltrate the paparazzi prick-fest. But obviously the juice was still a'flowin, because overheard when she walked out of the frame was Tregay stating, "She ain't nothin' more than a Supreme Fish Delight fried fish and hushpuppie meal!"

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Anonymous said...

That Tregay is cute. woohee.