Thursday, July 26, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!!!!!

Obviously Ellen Degenerate is scared about her upcoming nuptials, but local Dick-Hater resident, Karen, is all stars when it comes to their pending wedding. We'll see how this beef-licking festival turns out!

BlueBlock Shock!

Local BlueBlocker, Billy Inman, was recently grossed out by feeling Atlanta's hairiest man. Little does he know, Ben just got the role as ZINC(tm) wearing lifeguard on the 'Rock of Love'. Don't threaten' him with a good time.

Atlanta's Newer Rage: Milking in Public

Upstaging the Suffocation rage, it seems Milking in Public has taken the city by storm. StaTITstics show nipple tweaking has a stronger response rate than not breathing - as demonstated here by areaola lovers D-Man and Ju-Lia.

Cheating With Atlanta's Hairiest Man

Puerto Rican Princess Liza M. caught silencing a phone call from boyfriend Davey while hanging out with local playboy, Ben ThrowHer. Can this Atlanta Diva weave through a sea of hair to find true love? Of course - it's near impossible to flutter through that soft, luscious, heaven-made tuft without being struck by cupid's bow.

Manorexia or Just a Hot Dog (Sandwich)? You Decide.

Local Bulemics Beware! You thought you had support, but two of the top thinsters were recently caught with street meat oozing from their fists. Guess who won't be fittin' in their period jeans this month? That many carbs makes size 6 look like a 2!

That wall of hair ain't hiding nothin', honey!

A Word From Our Sponsors

We'd like to give props to Oral B Stages for turning local musicians Tom and Ben from this...

To this...

Thanks Oral-B Stages!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Whose Knees Dee's Be?

After spending many late nights in compromising positions, it's no wonder the signs of heavy wear have taken there toll on this Atlanta hot shot. Can you name these knees??? Find out who after the jump.

That's right, it's our very own favorite Liverheart! Looks like Matty had some time to let his legs rest on the lap of another Atlanta scenester during a local Rob's House show. We're just glad to see that even at rest, Matty never stops practicing the things he does best.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now That's Some Dangerous Lovin'

Fresh from her relationship with Richard Grieco (of Jump Street fame), Sharpy was seen getting cozy with nightclub singer, Tom Cheshire. Seeing as their relationship (yet to be confirmed) is only a few hours old, we're gonna have to question who that baby bump belongs to. Will it come out with the voice of an angel - or is it destined to be Greico's eternal leftovers?


His band may be prowling wolves, but All Night Drug Prowling Wolves guitarist Marlow Sanchez is just prowling mad. He was caught at Savannah hotspot, The Crab Shack, shouting at the paparazzi to leave him and fellow band members alone while they fed the alligators. Seems this level headed Mexican can get mighty spicy at times!

Name that Couple

It's time to name the latest duo seen around the ATL! With rising starpower, these two psudeo-celebs are in desperate need of a notable new name.

And the choices are:

Rim and Sting Me
Hair and Bare
Stick It, Then Pick It
Two Men and, oh, that's it

Cast your votes now!

Go Back to Hollywood, Baby

Who are these people and why are they at ElMyr? Really, why?

New Romance Blossoming

Local celeb-fucker, Ben Thrower, lets Trey down easy as he tells him that, yes, in fact, he did once fornicate with that Asian girl from Rushmore.

What makes Throw-her so doable? We think it must be because he was thisclose to taking the lead in Pet Cemetary 2.

Blind Item

Which Atlanta scenesters - both of whom are married - were seen tearing it up on the dancefloor (literally) at North Georgia club, The Blue Ridge?

And, according to eyewitness accounts, it wasn't pretty.

A Guess Who?

The identity of an Atlanta area man was masked as he and another local gay decided to take their relationsip under(the)covers. There's no foolin' us, Bandana Face. We know one of them boy lovers when we see one.