Friday, October 26, 2007

Holy Hell!

The legendary "Gravity Pub" bid farewell to the ATL bar scene this past Tuesday night. Memories of the once thriving hang-out and music venue have long been defunct...but some still held a special place in their heart for this charming and trashy historical landmark. So, it was no surprise to us when Atlanta's favorite frontman showed up to say "peace out" and throw back a few Corona Lights over an egg salad sandwich and chips. No one ever expected what happened next though. Half-way through his Last Supper, T.Chesh had a holy experience and saw the image of Jesus Christ on his potato chip. Some were skeptical, some weren't believers, but the image below proves otherwise. The chip has been quarantined and T.Chesh is currently developing a website that promotes the unity of bar and church.

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Anonymous said...

The Gravity Pub has reopened with new management (Mike).