Thursday, June 19, 2008

Transgender's Pollute the Dirty Dirty

Local starlette Slug Scott recently went under the knife at Emory Medical Center, the most credible experimental surgery locale in the city. She's been contemplating this gender transformation for sometime now, but no one anticipated this Nip/Tuck quite so soon.

The permanent birthmark on the eye diminishes all speculation that this surgery didn't occur. You tell us, was the surgery a success? Did this sex-pot turn the corner to hot-piece-o-penis? Pictures below the belt will be released at a later date.

Papers filed at the Fulton County Courthouse show it's name has been changed to 'Larry Jay Scott'.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bitch Bangin

It was a total shock in the community when local rocker M.Lo was found incomprehensible during a wild night of partying in St. Simons Island. Gang Bangin was always a part of the community calender, but no on ever assumed Ruffies would be used and a Mexicano would be taken advantage of. Toxicology reports confirm that M.Lo was abused (yes i'm watching a.m.w. as i type this) and d.n.a. confirms three sluts took advantage of him.

Sadness Hits the U.S.A.

Either you're in "the know" or in "the not". It has to be "one or the other". Despite your social stature, you had to hear this week that Brangelina had their two AMAZING BABIES OF BEAUTIFUL GRACE. And then other outlets, reported that our truly CHERISHED SPAWN OF THE MAGNIFICENT didn't manifest. Here you see a picture of community members responding to the news of the latter. It was truly devastating.

Obvious Breakdown

It seems after constant turmoil in the new Atlanta band "Tornado Town", we've found America's Pete Doherty. Obviously blessed with talent and good looks, Tornado Town's Ben ThrowHer has had enough with the drama and contant ego manipulation of chasing the scene. We know he's got what it takes, but these pics show our fave lady-lover-looker-player-band-player-swinger is about to check into rehab. We see a mental breakdown on the horizon. Check it. You tell us, does our wine-swiggin boy need head medz or just some teeth bleechin?