Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adoption Craze Hits the ATL

Newlyweds - Karlow - stepped out with recently adopted son
Thai Chi over the weekend. Papparazzi flooded the
entrance to Lookout Mountain, but luckily security kept
the masses at bay. Proceeds from this picture will
help fund a Save the Asians foundation that has been
developed by the couple.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mystery Newcomer to Nightlife

Straight from the bar and on to the scene, the latest Atlanta hipster - an unidentified drink and fingers - has been exploding its way into clubs around the city. She made another appearance late last week, this time with fellow Celeb-ATL-ants Trey, Marlow and Liz.

Obviously in the in-crowd, she rocked this season's latest trend - Red Fingernails!

Seen on the Scene

Senior Publicist Laura and Critics Favorite Chef Julia caught picking their noses in the highly trendy nightspot, The Earl.

Atlanta's Newest Rage: Suffocation

The fast pace and glamorous lifestyle could be taking a toll on Atlanta rocker Marlow. Fans worry that life as a celebrity might just be too much, as he's seen here trying to cut off oxygen and escape the pressures of El Myr.

So Many Blind Items in One Day

Which Atlanta single - who we shall deem Playboy Plumber - has been breaking the hearts of many women lately. Under everyones radar, he's been making booty calls at 4am, then leaving the girls high and dry come 5.

And it ain't Christian, Lloyd or Billy...

Blind Item

Which Atlanta writer and carpenter couple were seen with another project management duo at dinner on Sunday night? Word around town is they're more than just friends!! Will this foursome reveal their true desires or just flirt about the scene incognito?

Liz Berry Sighting

Our sources tell us the elusive Miss Berry was seen yesterday in Inman Park playing croquet with a some unidentified people. She later was seen leaving the park in an SUV and going into ElMyr for a drink. Who knows what crazy thing she will do next!!??

Sunday, March 18, 2007

They're Just Like Us

One year ago today, Marlow and Joe share a kiss at the Pogues show in NYC. Mmmm...kissy, kissy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Cannot Believe This

We've got exclusive gossip, straight from the streets of the ATL. Lil' Joe has gone home with Liz to hang out for the night. Planned in the next few hours is a viewing of Bringin' Down the House and Mean Girls. Stick around tomorrow for the scoop on what they drank!!