Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love is in the Hair

Custody Disputes. A Bitter Divorce Battle. Claims of Drug Abuse.
No other couple quite says dysfunction like Denise and Charlie...at least not until now!

It's no surprise that Denise recently asked Char for some sperm to pack full her oven with another bun. But, after he refused to comply and waged an intense smear compaign against her, Denise is fighting back. Her publicist has confirmed that not only is Deni preggers, but she's in love with her babies manny and ready to move on with her life. A fairy tale ending? Not quite.

Multiple sources are claiming that baby daddy/manny is no other than....Benjamin Thrower Jr., the illegitimate first son of THE Atl-super-celeb, Ben Thrower. After an intensive background check, we have confirmed that Ben Sr. has not only been married four times previously (to women), but has six other children...not including Lindsay Loran.

This will be Ben Jr's. first child and Denise's third. Jr. released a statement this morning stating that he and Denise will wed before the birth of their baby girl...appropriately named Benise.


Anonymous said...

I fucked that Thrower kid in high-school. It was OK.

Anonymous said...

and I'd like a ceasar salad to go with my hair