Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Douchebag Sighting!

Much to our dismay, The Hives landed upon ATLWeekly headquarters this rainy Wednesday afternoon. Reigning from FAGersta, Sweden, and wearing coordinating black and white "outfits", these garage rockers are in town for an upcoming appearance with Maroon 5. How exciting. Anyway, we were all but starstruck to make their acquaintance and it did nothing but leave us wanting some Orbitz Mojito Flavored Gum.
Why can't TomKat stop by?? And we'd sure love to meet Bob & Whit!

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Deb said...

Nice post! Check out my blog and scroll down to the see the DC pictures from october 16, we had 3rd row for soundcheck and the concert!

The hives are really good in concert, actually that is an understatement