Friday, March 21, 2008

Keno Addict Admits Shame

A local Keno temptress has fell off the gambling wagon and joined the ranks of women at the Vinings Senior Citizen Academy of Gamblers Anonymous Over The Chatahoochee Line and Also Over 55 Years Old Club. The machines paid off well today at the Picadilly, awarding Ms. Scott $1.25 big ones. Congrats chica!It really is an amazing coincidence considering her po-folks won 10 thousand pennies in the Arkansas "Lot" back in 87' puttin lil' Laura through college in which she gained her Home Economics degree.


Anonymous said...

Take me out to dinner at Taco Bell bitch.

Anonymous said...

she looks just like her parents.

Anonymous said...

i'll take her winnings for a blow-job