Monday, March 17, 2008

ATLWeekly Turns Numero Uno Douches!!!!!

That's right fools. We've actually managed to upLOAD enough bullshit onto this site and make-up enough crap to reach our one year mark. We're proud, we're gloating, and not-at-all surprised by our obvious success.

After endless minutes of consideration, we've decided that ATL's most prestigious honor-to-date has to be the following post. Sadly, the original photo was lost during this past weekends unfortunate twister, so we've constructed a new one to reinact actual events.

All of you Atlantans are superstars to us, but only one of you was actually chosen by Christian Dior to model their runway show in Gay Pari. Only one of you managed to combine high fashion, sex appeal, homosexuality, and controversy all in one year. This makes choosing ATLWeekly's one year anniversary post a breeze.

And to THE DESIGNER, THE MODEL, AND BRONNER BROS CARROT OIL, we are so thankful for giving us another hole to ram!


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happy birthday bitches. i never thought you two could stick with anything.

Anonymous said...

you got some photoshop skills

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