Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't Call it a Cumback

We're back bitches! It's obvious it has been a tumultuos year...break-ups, break-ins, pregnancies, relationships begun and begot. And we take responsibility for our abscence on the social scene. It has been hard carrying 400ml of amniotic fluid for 40 weeks, and raising pre-atl tots, still trying to sustain a hold on what most at El Myr, the Earl, 529 (wtf is that?), and other hot spots. But we're back in the game, sporadically, to provide you with the underscore of what really occurs....the "what, Whattt?" of life in the scene that you try so hard to decipher.

Disclaimer: Staff photographers/moles needed. Contact at Otherwise I'm stealing shit off facebook.

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