Thursday, June 19, 2008

Transgender's Pollute the Dirty Dirty

Local starlette Slug Scott recently went under the knife at Emory Medical Center, the most credible experimental surgery locale in the city. She's been contemplating this gender transformation for sometime now, but no one anticipated this Nip/Tuck quite so soon.

The permanent birthmark on the eye diminishes all speculation that this surgery didn't occur. You tell us, was the surgery a success? Did this sex-pot turn the corner to hot-piece-o-penis? Pictures below the belt will be released at a later date.

Papers filed at the Fulton County Courthouse show it's name has been changed to 'Larry Jay Scott'.


Anonymous said...

wow that's something

Ben Ostrowsky said...

That's fucked up, dude. Why are you attacking him, anyway? Did he do something to you?

Anonymous said...

Patrick? Is that you? What happened?