Friday, August 24, 2007


Our moles have learned that Rodeo, from "Rock of Love with Brett Michaels" fame, showed up at the Star Bar last night during a show featuring local Atlanta bands. Obviously wasted, (we suspect a combo of booze, coke, and steroids) she was parading around screaming "RODEO'S IN THE HOUSE".

Eyewitnesses report that what was even more alarming were her continuous blatant attempts to seduce a man that may or may not have been William Zabka (i.e. bad boy Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid as well as the lead in Python II). Obviously attempting to date up, we're curious to see if Rodeo can lasso herself this dreamboat.


Anonymous said...

Local scenester quote:
She looked like 40 miles of bad road and was dry humping a drainage pipe!

Anonymous said...

Shit, that's where my sheet went.